Dane County Executive Joe Parisi Announces Funding for Veterans in 2016 Budget Proposal

November 02, 2015
Stephanie Miller, Communications Director, 608-267-8823
County Executive

MADISON-Dane County Executive Joe Parisi announced today additional funding for the County Veterans Service Office.  County Executive Parisi doubled funding for Vets Ride with Pride in his proposed 2016 Budget to $30,050.  In 2015, Vets Ride with Pride has issued approximately 550 31-day bus passes to approximately 150 Madison-area disabled veterans. The program helps veterans get to doctors’ appointments, employment, and other commitments.

“I am proud to be able to double funding for this important program for our Dane County Veterans,” said Dane County Executive Parisi.  “Our Dane County Veterans Service Office works hard to get out into the community to make sure veterans have help getting through red tape and getting the benefits they deserve.”

The County Veterans Service Office works to assist veterans and their families with obtaining local, state and federal benefits. The office helps them discover the benefits to which they are entitled and assist them with the application process. The Dane County Veterans Service Office is committed to advocate for veterans and provide quality services and programs for them and their families.

Through the Veterans Service Commission’s “Emergency Assistance” fund, the Veterans Service Office helped a total of 64 veterans and families with eviction prevention, security deposit assistance, and utility disconnect prevention in 2014. They also helped an additional 19 veterans with gas cards and grocery cards in 2014.

"Our office is privileged and honored to serve the veterans of Dane County.  We have an amazing mission and we are thankful to have the full support of Executive Parisi and his staff," added Veterans Service Officer Dan Connery.  "The additional funding for Vets Ride with Pride should allow eligible veterans to receive free bus passes throughout 2016."

The office does regular outreach to the VA hospital, Stoughton Senior Center, Colonial Club in Sun Prairie, Madison College, and Oregon Senior Center. In 2015, Dane County Veterans Service Office co-hosted “Connecting Aging Veterans to Their Benefits” event, performed numerous benefit briefings and also staffed tables at a variety of local veteran-related events in Dane County.  The Dane County Veterans Service office also has a social and digital media presence to reach out to more veterans.

In 2014, Dane County Executive Parisi funded scanners and signature pads to further advance the office’s efforts to maintain claims processing efficiency.  The additional technology helps the Dane County Veterans Service Office help connect veterans to their benefits more quickly.