December 11, 2020
Colleen Clark-Bernhardt
County Board

The Dane County Criminal Justice Council – Behavioral Health Subcommittee will be meeting on Friday, December 18th at 12:00pm. As a part of their meeting, there will be a listening session to hear from members of the public on the triage-restoration center that was previously announced this year and included in the 2021 budget approved by both the Dane County Board and County Executive Parisi.


A triage and restoration center (also known as a crisis center or a stabilization center) provides services to address mental health challenges both inside and outside the criminal justice system. It is generally grounded in the concept of "no wrong door" and individuals can access services by walking in, a referral from a community partner, or be brought by law enforcement.


"This is one of many criminal justice reforms we are working to implement. Having a triage and restoration center will help divert those experiencing mental health crises from entering the criminal justice system, I’m pleased to see these conversations and actions beginning," said County Boar Chair Analiese Eicher who is also Chair of the Criminal Justice Council.


The listening session on December 18th is intended to hear public comment regarding the pre-planning of the triage and restoration center request for proposals as well as feedback on public engagement strategies and qualifications needed in a consultant.


The questions the public are being asked include:


  1. What qualities should a planner have to fully study the potential triage/restoration center of Dane County?
  2. How can the County engage the community? 


"The triage and restoration center will be a resource for the public, which means we need to hear from the public every step of the way as this develops. This listening session will be the start of many conversations to come," said Shawn Tessman, Director of Dane County Human Services, and Chair of the Criminal Justice Council – Behavioral Health Subcommittee.


Anyone interested in attending the meeting can register here, and can also use this form to register to speak at the listening session.