Resolution to be introduced Declaring Dane County a Sanctuary for Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals, County Board to Recognize June as LGBTQI+ Pride Month

June 01, 2023
County Board Supervisor Chuck Erickson (608) 212-8753 or Supervisor Rick Rose (608) 313-4605
County Board

The Dane County Board will meet tonight at 7:00 where the Board will recognize June as LGBTQI+ Pride Month.  The resolution recognizing the month indicates that Pride Month is a time to celebrate progress that has been made and to recommit to the work that remains to be done.

“Dane County has a long history of fighting for equality and justice.  Recognizing this month is important and a way to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community and all of the contributions the community has made to the County,” said County Board Supervisor Chuck Erickson (District 23).  

At the meeting, County Board Supervisor Rick Rose (District 16), will be introducing a resolution declaring Dane County a sanctuary for Transgender and Nonbinary individuals.  

“Over the last few years we’ve seen a frightening rise in legislation meant to harm the LGBTQ community, particularly transgender youth,” said Supervisor Rose.  “We need to make it known that Dane County is a safe place, or sanctuary, for transgender children and adults as well as their families.” 

The resolution indicates that if the State of Wisconsin passes a law that imposes criminal or civil punishments, fines, or professional sanctions on any person or organization that seeks, provides, receives or helps someone to receive gender-affirming care such as puberty blockers, hormones or surgery, the Dane County Board of Supervisors urges the Sheriff to make enforcement their lowest priority.

Other places around the country have taken steps to provide protections including in Kansas City, Missouri; Austin, Texas; Harris County, Texas; as well as California, Minnesota and Washington which have declared themselves sanctuary states for gender-affirming care, as have the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis and West Hollywood.

The resolution will be referred to committees and will be back to the full County Board for consideration in the coming weeks.  

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